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ISO 12639:2004


Graphic technology - Prepress digital data exchange - Tag image file format for image technology (TIFF/IT)

2Compliance levels and identification1
2.2Image file type identification1
2.3TIFF/IT conformance2
2.4TIFF/IT-P1 conformance2
2.5TIFF/IT-P2 conformance2
2.6Conformance identification2
3Normative references2
4Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms3
4.1Terms and definitions3
4.2Abbreviated terms5
5Notations and field types5
5.2Field types6
6Image data type description7
6.1Colour continuous-tone picture image (CT) data7
6.2Colour line-art (LW) image data7
6.3igh-resolution continuous-tone (HC) image data7
6.4Monochrome and binary images7
6.5Final page (FP) data8
7Requirements for TIFF/IT, TIFF/IT-P1 and TIFF/IT-P2 image data files8
7.1Structure of TIFF/IT file8
7.2General parameters10
7.3Colour continuous-tone picture (CT) file22
7.4Colour line-art (LW) file25
7.5High-resolution continuous-tone (HC) file32
7.6Monochrome continuous-tone picture (MP) file35
7.7Binary picture (BP) file38
7.8Binary line-art (BL) file40
7.9Screened data image (SD) file42
7.10Final page (FP) file44
Annex A(informative) Background of conformity levels50
Annex B(informative) Identification and determination procedures for TIFF/IT file type52
Annex C(informative) Relationship between image types on a colour page54
Annex D(informative) Alphabetical list of TIFF/IT field names55
Annex E(normative) Incorporating JPEG compressed data into TIFF/IT57
Annex F(normative) Incorporating Flate compressed data into TIFF/IT59
Annex G(normative) RGB colour-space data in TIFF/IT-CT61
Annex H(normative) LAB colour space data in TIFF/IT CT65
Annex I(informative) Colour values68
Annex J(normative) ICC Profile tag in TIFF/IT image69
Annex K(informative) Monochrome continuous-tone picture colour-value calculation70
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