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Digital Signature/Cryptography Package


Digital Signature/Cryptography Package features over 15 standards and a 35% discount...

This cryptographic techniques package is a great combination of information technology and security technique standards. The diverse mixture of standards cover hash functions, cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves, digital signatures and mechanisms using a variety of techniques. This comes complete with 20 standards. This package contains the following:
ISO/IEC 15946-1:2016
ISO/IEC 9796-2:2010
ISO/IEC 9796-3:2006
ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011
ISO/IEC 9797-2:2011
ISO/IEC 10118-1:2016
ISO/IEC 10118-2:2010
ISO/IEC 10118-2/Cor1:2011
ISO/IEC 10118-3:2004
ISO/IEC 10118-3/Amd1:2006
ISO/IEC 10118-4:1998
ISO/IEC 10118-4:1998/Amd1:2014
ISO/IEC 11770-1:2010
ISO/IEC 11770-2:2008
ISO/IEC 11770-2/Cor1:2009
ISO/IEC 11770-3:2015
ISO/IEC 11770-3:2015/Cor1:2016
ISO/IEC 11770-4:2006
ISO/IEC 11770-4/Cor1:2009
ISO/IEC 14888-1:2008
ISO/IEC 14888-2:2008
ISO/IEC 14888-2:2008/Cor1:2015
ISO/IEC 14888-3:2016

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