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ISO 15531-1:2004


Industrial automation systems and integration - Industrial manufacturing management data - Part 1: General overview

ISO 15531-1:2004 provides a general overview of the whole ISO 15531 standard (MANDATE). It specifies its scope and provides a number of basic definitions on which the whole standard is built in accordance with the "General system theory" and the concepts defined in APICS dictionary. Its informative annexes provide a description of the relationships between MANDATE and other standards (especially ISO/TC 184 standards), as well as a clarification of the concepts of "capability and capacity" as they are used in MANDATE and other standards that refer explicitly or implicitly to the system theory.

MANDATE address the modelling of manufacturing management data such as:

  • Resources management data (Resource model);
  • Time related features (Time model);
  • Flow management data in manufacturing (Flow management model).

MANDATE, in association with STEP, PLIB and other SC 4 (or non SC 4) standards, may be used in any software application that addresses manufacturing management related information such as resources management data, flow management data. As such, the standard is intented at facilitating information exchanges between software applications such as E.R.P., manufacturing management software, maintenance management software, quotation software, etc.

MANDATE has been written in EXPRESS. During the development phases of the MANDATE standard, the compatibility of the standard with the ISO 10303 (STEP) standard has been the subject of a thorough analysis.

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