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Technical Committees for Construction Safety

Construction  safety standards

“Construction safety” is a rather broad term, since much of what contributes to safety in this setting is handled by separate technical committees responsible for their respective industries or equipment (i.e. Cranes, “…particularly in respect of terminology, load rating, testing, safety…”). 

Broadest scope:

Three other technical committees with overarching scopes:

  • TC 199 Safety of Machinery
    • Scope: “Standardization of basic concepts and general principles for safety of machinery incorporating terminology, methodology, guards and safety devices within the framework of ISO / IEC Guide 51 and in cooperation with other ISO and IEC technical committees.”
    • Relevant exclusions: “product safety standards, as defined in ISO /IEC Guide 51, and which are explicitly covered by the work of other ISO or IEC technical committees.”

  • TC 92 Fire Safety
    • Scope: “Standardization of the methods of assessing “fire hazards and fire risk to life and to property” and “the contribution of design, materials, building materials, products and components to fire safety” as well as methods of mitigating the fire hazards and fire risks by determining the performance and behavior of these materials, products and components, as well as of buildings and structures.
    • Relevant exclusions: “materials and equipments already covered by other technical committees” [and] “fields covered by other ISO and IEC committees.”

  • TC 146 Air Quality
    • Scope: “Standardization of tools for air quality characterization of emissions, workspace air, ambient air, indoor air, in particular measurement methods for air pollutants (particles, gases, odors, micro-organisms) and for meteorological parameters, measurement planning, procedures for Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) and methods for the evaluation of results including the determination of uncertainty. 

Technical committees with more focused scopes:

  • TC 44 Welding and Allied Processes
    • Scope: “… these standards include … welding processes and rules …, welders' qualifications, as well as safety and health.”
    • Excluded: electrical safety matters related to welding which are the responsibility of IEC / TC 26.

  • TC 96 Cranes
    • Scope: Standardization in the field of cranes and related equipment …, particularly in respect of terminology, load rating, testing, safety, general design principles, maintenance, operation and load lifting attachments.

  • TC 214 Elevating Work Platforms
    • Scope: “Standardization of terminology, ratings, general principles (technical performance requirements and risk assessment), safety requirements, test methods, maintenance and operation for elevating work platforms used to raise (elevate) and position personnel (and related work tools and materials)…”

  • TC  43 Acoustics
    • Scope: “Standardization in the field of acoustics, including methods of measuring acoustical phenomena, their generation, transmission and reception, and all aspects of their effects on man and his environment.”
    • Scope of TC 43/SC 1 (Noise)
      • WG 17, “Methods of measurement of sound attenuation of hearing protectors”

  • TC 110 Industrial Trucks
    • Scope: “…safety requirements related to design and construction, testing and inspection methods, and operation and maintenance.”
    • TC 110/SC 2 (Safety of Powered Industrial Trucks)
      • WG 2 Safety Code
      • WG 3 Visibility
      • WG 11 Stability
    • TC 100/SC 4 (Rough-Terrain Trucks)
      • WG 1 Safety
      • WG 4 Visibility
      • WG 6 (Joint between TC 214) Work platforms
      • WG 7 Tip Over/Overloading Indicators
      • WG 8 (Joint between TC 127 and TC 23) Telehandlers
    • Relevant exclusions: “vehicles designed primarily for earth-moving or road transport.”