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Measurement Standards Standards for wastewater measurements address the standard test methods, guides, and practices for measuring turbidity, flow, and other properties of wastewater, as well as sampling. Given the focus on testing and measurement, standardization of this field of wastewater management has been greatly contributed to by the efforts of ASTM International, previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

For standards addressing content testing, see our dedicated pages for element specific wastewater measurements, and bacteria, biodegradable content, and toxicity wastewater measurements.

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Turbidity Measurement in Wastewater

Turbidity Measurement in Wastewater

ASTM D7726-11(2016)e1

Standard Guide for The Use of Various Turbidimeter Technologies for Measurement of Turbidity in Water

ASTM D7315-12

Standard Test Method for Determination of Turbidity Above 1 Turbidity Unit (TU) in Static Mode

ASTM D7725-12

Standard Test Method for the Continuous Measurement of Turbidity Above 1 Turbidity Unit (TU)

Flow Measurement in Wastewater

Flow Measurement in Wastewater

ASTM D5640-95(2014)

Standard Guide for Selection of Weirs and Flumes for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water

ASTM D1941-91(2013)

Standard Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water with the Parshall Flume

ASTM D5390-93(2013)

Standard Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water with Palmer-Bowlus Flumes

ASTM D5242-92(2013)

Standard Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water with Thin-Plate Weirs

Sampling of Wastewater

Sampling of Wastewater

ASTM D6538-12

Standard Guide for Sampling Wastewater With Automatic Samplers

ISO 5667-13:2011

Water quality - Sampling - Part 13: Guidance on sampling of sludges

Other Wastewater Measurements

Other Wastewater Measurements

ASTM D5172-91(2015)

Standard Guide for Documenting the Standard Operating Procedures Used for the Analysis of Water


Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water

ASTM D6238-98(2011)

Standard Test Method for Total Oxygen Demand in Water

ASTM D5879-95(2010)

Standard Practice for Surface Site Characterization for On-Site Septic Systems

ASTM D5091-95(2014)

Standard Guide for Water Analysis for Electrodialysis/Electrodialysis Reversal Applications

ASTM D7243-11

Standard Guide for Measuring the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Paper Industry Sludges

ASTM D3977-97(2013)e1

Standard Test Methods for Determining Sediment Concentration in Water Samples

ASTM D5463-13

Standard Guide for Use of Test Kits to Measure Inorganic Constituents in Water

ASTM D4309-12

Standard Practice for Sample Digestion Using Closed Vessel Microwave Heating Technique for the Determination of Total Metals in Water