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VC (ASC Z80): Vision Council VC (ASC Z80): Vision Council
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The Vision Council develops ANSI ASC Z80 standards for ophthalmic lenses, and the equipment, instruments and processes used in their final fabrication level. They are the leading voice for enhancing life through better vision - **Helping people see and be seen**. Their mission is to provide a forum to advocate better vision by promoting quality vision care products and services in the global community.
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ANSI Z80.10-2014

Revises ANSI Z80.10-2009
Ophthalmics - Ophthalmic Instruments -Tonometers
   Price: $45.00
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ANSI Z80.11-2012 (R2017)

Revises ANSI Z80.11-2012
Ophthalmics - Laser Systems for Corneal Reshaping
   Price: $94.00
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ANSI Z80.1-2015

Revises ANSI Z80.1-2010
Ophthalmics - Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses - Recommendations
   Price: $75.00
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ANSI Z80.12-2007 (R2017)

Revises ANSI Z80.12-2007 (R2012)
Multifocal Intraocular Lenses
   Price: $55.00
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ANSI Z80.13-2007 (R2017)

Revises ANSI Z80.13-2007 (R2012)
Phakic Intraocular Lenses
   Price: $45.00
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ANSI Z80.17-2013

Revises ANSI Z80.17-2008
Ophthalmics - Focimeters
   Price: $60.00
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ANSI Z80.18-2016

Revises ANSI Z80.18-2010
Ophthalmics - Contact Lens Care Products - Vocabulary, Performance Specifications, and Test Methodology
   Price: $75.00
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ANSI Z80.20-2016

Revises ANSI Z80.20-2010
Ophthalmics - Contact Lenses - Standard Terminology, Tolerances, Measurements and Physicochemical Properties
   Price: $105.00
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ANSI Z80.21-2010 (R2015)

Revises ANSI Z80.21-2010
Ophthalmics - Instruments - General-Purpose Clinical Visual Acuity Charts
   Price: $50.00
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ANSI Z80.23-2008 (R2013)

Revises ANSI Z80.23-2008
Ophthalmics Corneal Topography Systems Standard Terminology Requirements
   Price: $65.00
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