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NFPA: National Fluid Power Association NFPA: National Fluid Power Association
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NFPA, the National Fluid Power Association, is a nonprofit organization that develops and publishes standards related to the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. Headquartered in Milwaukee, United States, NFPA standards are propagated by its 340 member companies, which, while focused in the NAFTA region, are spread throughout the world. NFPA also serves as the administrator for the U.S. TAGs (United States Technical Advisory Group) to ISO/TC 131 (International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee) and to many of the subcommittees for ISO/TC 131.
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NFPA/T2.12.1 R1-2002 (R2014)

Revises NFPA/T2.12.1 R1-2002 (R2009)
Hydraulic fluid power - Systems and products - Method of measuring average steady-state pressure [to be used in conjunction with (NFPA/T2.12.10)]
   Price: $46.00
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NFPA/T2.12.10 R1-2002 (R2014)

Revises NFPA/T2.12.10 R1-2002 (R2009)
Hydraulic fluid power - Systems and products - Testing general measurement principles and tolerances [to be used in conjunction with NFPA/T2.12.1]
   Price: $83.00
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NFPA/T2.12.11-1 R1-2009 (R2014)

Revises NFPA/T2.12.11-1-2001
Fluid power systems and components - Reliability analysis, field data reporting format and database compilation
   Price: $87.00
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NFPA/T2.12.11-2-2007 (R2017)

Revises NFPA/T2.12.11-2-2007 (R2012)
Hydraulic fluid power components - Assessment of reliability by testing
   Price: $96.00
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NFPA/T2.13.13-2002 (R2015)

Revises NFPA/T2.13.13-2002 (R2010)
Recommended practice - Hydraulic fluid power - Fluids - Viscosity selection criteria for hydraulic motors and pumps
   Price: $62.00
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NFPA/T2.13.14-2007 (R2017)

Revises NFPA/T2.13.14-2007 (R2012)
Recommended practice - Hydraulic fluid power - Use of environmentally acceptable fluids
   Price: $53.00
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NFPA/T2.13.4-1994 (R2017)

Revises NFPA/T2.13.4-1994 (R2012)
Information report - Recommendations for conservation, maintenance, and disposal of hydraulic fluids
   Price: $36.00
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NFPA/T2.13.7 R1-1997 (R2014)

Revises NFPA/T2.13.7 R1-1997 (R2009) Second edition
Hydraulic fluid power - Petroleum fluids - Prediction of bulk moduli
   Price: $40.00
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NFPA/T2.24.2 R1-2007 (R2017)

Revises NFPA/T2.24.2 R1-2007 (R2012)
Hydraulic fluid power systems - Methods for preventing external leakage
   Price: $84.00
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NFPA/T2.30.6-2002 (R2014)

Hydraulic fluid power - Electrical connectors for use with industrial hydraulic integrated proportional valves - Dimensions and requirements
   Price: $56.00
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