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American National Standards for other industries from several different developing organizations, except Safety and Health.
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ANSI B152.2-1982

Permanent Mold Casting Machines (Other Than Gray Iron), Safety Requirements for the Construction, Care, and Use of
   Price: $24.00
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ANSI B165.1-2013

Revises ANSI B165.1-2010
Power Tools Power Driven Brushing Tools Safety Requirements for Design Care and Use
   Price: $150.00
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ANSI B77.1-2017

Revises ANSI B77.1-2011 and ANSI B77.1a-2012
Passenger Ropeways - Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows and Conveyors - Safety Standard
   Price: $200.00
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ANSI B77.2-2014

Revises ANSI B77.2-2004
Funiculars - Safety Requirements
   Price: $75.00
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ANSI J-STD-710-2015

Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard
   Price: $0.00
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ANSI N14.29-1988

Radioactive Materials - Guide for Writing Operating Manuals for Packaging
   Price: $28.00
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ANSI N15.15-1974 (R1981)

Nuclear Materials - Assessment of the Assumption of Normality (Employing Individual Observed Values)
   Price: $15.00
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ANSI O5. - Wood Poles Package

ANSI O5.1, ANSI O5.2, ANSI O5.3, ANSI O5.4, ANSI O5.5, ANSI O5.6 and ANSI O5.TR.01
   Price: $250.00
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ANSI O5.1-2017

Revises ANSI O5.1-2015
Wood Poles - Specifications and Dimensions
   Price: $50.00
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ANSI O5.2-2012

Structural Glued Laminated Timber for Utility Structures
   Price: $50.00
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