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AWS: American Welding Society AWS: American Welding Society
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AWS, the American Welding Society, is a nonprofit organization that develops and publishes standards that apply to welding and related joining disciplines. Headquartered in Miami, United States, AWS standards are spread by its over 65,000 worldwide members, a significant portion of which are located within the United States. AWS is heavily involved in educational initiatives, with many conferences around the world, student scholarships and a wide variety of courses. AWS also serves as the administrator for the U.S. TAGs (United States Technical Advisory Group) to ISO/TCs 44 and 167 (International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee) and to many of the subcommittees for ISO/TC 44.
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AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2015

Amended by ANSI/AWS D1.5M/D1.5-2008
Revises AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2010
Bridge Welding Code
       Price: $380.00
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ANSI Z49.1:2012

Revises AWS Z49.1-2005-all
Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes
       Price: $76.00
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ANSI/AWS A5.25/A5.25M-97 (R2009)

Revises AWS A5.25-A5.25M-1997R
Specification for Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Electrodes and Fluxes for Electroslag Welding
       Price: $72.00
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ANSI/AWS A5.26/A5.26M-97(R2009)

Specification for Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Electrodes for Electrogas Welding
       Price: $72.00
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ANSI/AWS C6.1-89 (R2009)

Revises AWS C6.1-89R
Recommended Practices for Friction Welding
       Price: $68.00
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AWS 5.31:2012

Specification for Fluxes for Brazing and Braze Welding
       Price: $72.00
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AWS 9.5:2013

Guide for Verification and Validation in Computation Weld Mechanics
       Price: $72.00
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AWS A1.1:2016

Revises AWS a1.1
Metric Practice Guide for the Welding Industry
       Price: $80.00
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AWS A10.1M:2007

Specification for Calibration and Performance Testing of Secondary Current Sensing Coils and Weld Current Monitors used in Single-Phase AC Resistance Welding
       Price: $76.00
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AWS A2.4:2012

Revises AWS A2.4:2007
Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination
       Price: $172.00
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