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ASME STP-PT-054-2012

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Codes and Standards Gap Analysis (STP-PT-054 - 2012)

. . . in cost reduction have brought many new players into the field. An accelerated deployment of CSP is currently being seen. . .

       Price: $30.00
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SAE EQB 2-2016 (SAE EQB2-2016)

Integration Engineering for System Effectiveness (Stabilized: Jun 2016)

. . . on cost reduction, This has a danger of formulating all technical problems in terms of cost or economic considerations. This. . .

   Price: $78.00
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KOK ISOTOL Computer Tolerancing Software

KOK ISOTOL Computer Tolerancing Software Version 1.1 for Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, XP etc.

. . . cut costs in manufacturing and engineering. [NOTE - The .ZIP file you will download contains everything that is needed to. . .

   Price: $85.00
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DIN EN ISO 14155:2012

Clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects - Good clinical practice (ISO 14155:2011 + Cor. 1:2011); German version EN ISO 14155:2011 + AC:2011 (Foreign Standard)

. . . and cost reduction. This standard is directed at manufacturers of medical devices and doctors as well as institutions which perform. . .

   Price: $214.00
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DIN ISO 22006:2012

Quality management systems - Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 to crop production (ISO 22006:2009) (Foreign Standard)

. . . cost reduction, improvement of customer confidence and satisfaction. Examples for the various processes are given in Annex A. Moreover, informative. . .

   Price: $231.00
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ASME PCC-1-2013

Revises ASME PCC-1-2010
Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly

. . . and cost-reduction.. . .

       Price: $109.00
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SAE ARP 9090A-2014 (SAE ARP9090A-2014)

Revises SAE ARP 9090-2004 (SAE ARP9090-2004)
Requirements for Industry Standard e-Tool to Collaborate Quality Assurance Activities Among Customers and Suppliers (Stabilized: Feb 2014)

. . . and reductions in cost throughout the value stream. AAQG, with representation from Aerospace companies in Americas, is one of three. . .

   Price: $78.00
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ASTM E2506-15

Revises ASTM E2506-11
Standard Guide for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities

. . . a cost-effective risk mitigation plan for new and existing constructed facilities buildings, industrial facilities, and other critical infrastructure. This guide. . .

   Price: $52.00
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DIN ISO 15665:2011

Acoustics - Acoustic insulation for pipes,valves and flanges (ISO 15665:2003 + Cor. 1:2004) (Foreign Standard)

. . . of cost-effectively reducing the noise emitted by these items. The standard also describes a method of establishing the acoustic performance. . .

   Price: $189.00
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TIP 0404-26

Paper machine clothing performance analysis

. . . and cost per ton indices. Achievement of maximum clothing life and minimum cost per ton often results in significant reductions. . .

   Price: $49.00
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