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ANSI/AIAA S-120A-2015 (R2019)

Mass Properties Control for Space Systems

This standard defines terminology and establishes uniform processes, procedures, and methods for the management, control, monitoring, determination, verification, and documentation of mass properties during the design and development phases of space systems, including modifications to operational systems. This standard applies to space vehicles (SVs) or spacecraft (SC), upper stage vehicles, injection stages, satellite payloads, reentry vehicles, launch vehicles (LVs), and ballistic vehicles. This standard defines a minimum set of mass properties requirements and is intended for use in developing a program specific, contractually required mass properties control plan (MPCP). When used in conjunction with the International Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. (SAWE) Recommended Practice RP A-3, the two documents serve as a comprehensive reference for requirements and best practices in the field of space systems mass properties.

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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics [AIAA]


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