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ANSI/ASA S12.70-2016 (R2020)

Evaluating Speech Privacy in Healthcare Facilities

Provides a relationship between speech privacy descriptors and speech privacy expectations for various enclosed and open-plan healthcare spaces. Descriptors used to characterize speech privacy expectation are the articulation index (AI)1 and the privacy index (PI).This standard also provides design criteria for achieving acceptable speech privacy in healthcare facilities including treatment rooms, clinicians’ offices, pharmacies, reception/waiting areas, etc.This standard provides covered entities, architectural design teams, acoustical consultants, and regulators guidelines and objective criteria for designing healthcare facilities that provide sufficient speech privacy to protect personal health information (PHI) as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).The standard also provides general guidance on the relationship between expectations of speech privacy and objective descriptors used to evaluate speech privacy.

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Acoustical Society of America [ASA]


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