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ANSI/ASA S1.11-2004 (R2009)

Octave-Band and Fractional-Octave-Band Analog and Digital Filters

This standard provides performance requirements for analog, sampled-data, and digital implementations of bandpass filters that comprise a filter set or spectrum analyzer for acoustical measurements. It super-sedes ANSI S1.11-1986 (R1998) American National Standard Specification for Octave-Band and Frac-tional-Octave-Band Analog and Digital Filters, and is a counterpart to International Standard IEC 61260:1995 Electroacoustics - Octave-Band and Fractional-Octave-Band Filters. Significant changes from ANSI S1.11-1986 have been adopted in order to conform to most of the specifications of IEC 61260:1995. This standard differs from IEC 61260:1995 in three ways: (1) the test methods of IEC 61260 clauses 5 is moved to an informative annex, (2) the term 'band number,' not present in IEC 61260, is used as in ANSI S1.11-1986, (3) references to American National Standards are incorporated, and (4) minor editorial and style differences are incorporated.

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