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ANSI X9.100-181-2010

TIFF Image Format for Image Exchange

The scope of this standard is to define specific TIFF fields and parameters for check image exchange and the allowable values for those parameters. This standard will only address the use of G4 bilevel image (black/white) compressions within the TIFF 6.0 structure. A "least common denominator" approach was used to identify the fields that everyone should read and the required or allowable values for these fields that everyone will be expected to support. To accomplish interoperability, some of the fields and values are more restrictive compared to what is being generated in today's environment. In addition, this standard clarified areas that have been interpreted in different ways. This standard will not address changing the industry TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) revision 6.0 (final June 3, 1992) specification owned by Adobe Systems Inc. as it is used for a wider variety of industry uses. Also, JPEG (grayscale) compressions will be addressed in a separate standard to be developed in the future.

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Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ASCX9]

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