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ANSI X9.105 Part 3-2009 (R2019) Identical to ISO 8583-3:2008

Financial transaction card originated messages - Interchange message specifications - Part 3: Maintenance procedures for messages, data elements and code values

This part of X9.105 Part 3 Identical to ISO 8583-3 establishes the role of the maintenance agency (MA) and specifies the procedures for adding messages and data elements to X9.105 Part 1 Identical to ISO 8583-1 and to codes listed in Annex A of X9.105 Part 1 Identical to ISO 8583-1. The responsibilities of the MA relate to all message type identifiers and classes, data elements and sub-elements, dataset identifiers and codes within X9.105 Part 1 Identical to ISO 8583-1, with the exception of Institution Identification Codes

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Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ASCX9]


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