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ASC X9 TR 33-2018

Technical Report - Check Image Quality Assurance with Data Transaction Integrity

The first version of this report was developed prior to 2006 and focused entirely on image quality. The 2018 version has been updated to reflect the current understanding and best practices of check image quality. This report has also been expanded to include check transaction data integrity that expands concerns for the image file usability and the quality of the MICR information content that is included with the check image data within Image Cash Letter files used for the exchange or deposit of check transactions. The 2006 version was also very technical and difficult to understand for the typical business user in the financial industry. To facilitate a better understanding for the business user, an executive summary clause has been created. This version gives an executive summary of the key information points important to the business user. The executive summaries also provide updates and changes to reflect the current understandings and best practices. The original clauses are now moved to the Annexes of this technical report. They remain as original content.

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