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Check Image Exchange Basics Collection

Check Image Exchange Basics Collection (Formerly Check 21)

A newly updated collection to allow persons dealing with payments to meet Check 21 requirements. Check Image Compliance Collection contains: :

  • X9/TR-33 Check Image Quality Assurance Standards and Processes
  • ASC X9 TR 100 Check Related Payment Standard Part 1: Organization of Standards; Part 2: Definitions used in Standards
  • X9.100-110 Document Imaging Compatibility (formerly part of X9.7)
  • X9.100-111 Check Endorsements
  • X9.100-140 Specifications for an Image Replacement Document (IRD) (formerly DSTU X9.90)
  • X9.100-160-1 Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR) Part 1: Placement and Location (Formerly X9.13)
  • ANSI X9.100-160-2-2020 - Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR) Part 2: EPC Field Use
  • ANSI X9.100-181-2014 (R2021) - TIFF Image Format for Image Exchange
  • X9.100-187 Electronic Exchange of Check and Image Data

Check Image Exchange Basics Collection includes:

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Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ASCX9]


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