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CGA G-4.15-2019

Vacuum-Jacketed Piping in Liquid Oxygen Service

In recent years, the increase in the size and production capacity of air separation plants has led to a corresponding increase in the capacity of liquid oxygen storage and transfer installations at production sites.  The intent of this publication is to ensure that a minimum, uniform level of safety is provided throughout the industrial gas industry for the protection of the public and industry employees.  This publication addresses vacuum-jacketed piping used in any stationary industrial gases applications including air separation plants, other industrial gases facilities, and customer installations in liquid oxygen service. This publication provides guidance to those persons directly associated with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of vacuum-jacketed piping systems used to transfer liquid oxygen. The user is cautioned that this publication is not a complete design handbook and does not do away with the need for competent engineering judgment and interpretation. It is suggested that the user review any special problems or concerns with the liquid oxygen supplier and/or vacuum-jacketed piping manufacturer who can provide guidance. This publication does not supplant, but is intended to complement, national and local regulations and codes of practice.

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