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ANSI NGV2-2007

American National Standard for Natural Gas Vehicle Containers. Includes Erratum.

This PDF includes an erratum to the ANSI NGV 2-2007.


This publication represents a standard for safe operation, substantial and durable construction and performance testing of containers for the on-board storage of compressed natural gas for vehicle operation, within limitations given below and in the scope of this standard.

This standard is based on engineering principles, research and the combined expertise of gas utilities, manufacturers, users, and others having specialized experience.

Nothing in this standard is to be considered in any way as indicating a measure of quality beyond compliance with the provisions it contains. It is designed to allow compliance of products which may exceed that specified in the provisions herein. In its preparation, full recognition has been given to possibilities of improvement through ingenuity of design. This standard is subject to revision as further experience and investigation may show it is necessary and desirable.

CSA International, does not assume or undertake to discharge any responsibility of the manufacturer or any other party. CSA International shall not incur any obligation or liability for damages, including consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use, interpretation of or reliance upon this standard.

Users of this American National Standard are advised that the devices/products/activities within its scope may be subject to regulation at the federal, state, or local levels. Users are strongly urged to investigate this possibility through appropriate channels. In the event of a conflict with this standard, the federal, state, or local regulations should be followed.

1. Scope

1.1 General This standard contains requirements for the material, design, manufacture and testing of serially produced, refillable Type NGV 2 containers intended only for the storage of compressed natural gas for vehicle operation. These containers are to be permanently attached to the vehicle. Type NGV 2 containers shall not be over 1000 liters (35.4 ft3) water capacity. Where the word "shall" is used in this standard, it indicates a requirement .

1.2 Container Type Type NGV 2 containers are designated as follows: Type 1. Metal. Type 2. Resin impregnated continuous filament with metal liner with a minimum burst pressure of 125 percent of service pressure. This container is hoop-wrapped. Type 3. Resin impregnated continuous filament with metal liner. This container is full-wrapped. Type 4. Resin impregnated continuous filament with a non-metallic liner.

1.3 Alternative Construction or Materials All specifications as to construction or materials set forth herein may be satisfied by the construction or materials actually prescribed or such other construction or materials as will provide at least equivalent level of performance. Additional tests may be required to evaluate potential failure modes that pertain to the new construction or materials that are not specifically addressed in this standard.

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