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DIN EN 378-1:2011

Refrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 1: Basic requirements, definitions, classification and selection criteria; German version EN 378-1:2008+A1:2010 (Foreign Standard)

This European Standard specifies the requirements relating to safety of persons and property (but not goods in storage) and the local and global environment for: a) stationary and mobile refrigerating systems of all sizes, including heat pumps; b) secondary cooling or heating systems; c) location of these refrigerating systems. This European Standard is not applicable to refrigerating systems with air or water as refrigerant. This European Standard is applicable to new refrigerating systems and modification of existing refrigerating systems in case the type of refrigerant changed or pressure vessels are replaced. The part dealing with maintenance, repair, operation, recovery, reuse and disposalalso applies to existing systems. Parties responsible for existing refrigerating systems should consider the safety and environmental aspects of this European Standard and implement the more stringent requirements so far as they are reasonably practicable. Directive 94/9/EC concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres can be applicable to the type of machine or equipment covered by this European Standard. The present standard is not intended to provide means of complying with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 94/9/EC.*The amendment takes into account an updated version of Annex E "Safety classification and information about refrigerants" of DIN 378-1. This document has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 182 "Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements". Regarding the German collaboration the responsible Committee is NA 044-00-01 AA "Sicherheit und Umweltschutz" ("Safety and environment protection") of the Refrigeration Technology Standards Committee (FNKΣ).

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