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DIN EN ISO 12870:2012

Ophthalmic optics - Spectacle frames - Requirements and test methods (ISO 12870:2012); German version EN ISO 12870:2012 (Foreign Standard)

Specification of fundamental requirements and test methods for unglazed spectacle frames. The standard is intended to be harmonized against EU Directive 93/42/EEC for spectacle frames used for prescription spectacles. The standard does not apply to custom-made spectacle frames and to products specifically desiged for use in eye protective devices.*This standard contains fundamental requirements for unglazed spectacle frames designed for use with all prescription lenses. It is not applicable to complete custom-made spectacle frames and to products designed specifically to provide personal eye protection. The standard has been prepared under a mandate to concretize the essential requirements of EU Directive 93/42/EEC (Directive on medical devices). Many modifications of thecontents have been made with respect to the July 2009 edition, amongst others the requirements for the physiological compatibility have been modified and rendered more precise; specifications related to the measurement (and thus: to the associated dimensional tolerances) of the length of side for sides without a hinged joint have been modified; the requirements related to the resistance to perspiration of spectacle frames made from natural materials have been rendered more precise; the specifications related to the container have been modified and the requirements for the resistance to perspiration test have been rendered more precise; the requirements and the procedure of the bridge deformation test for frames with a significant face form angle have been rendered more precise; the procedure for testing for nickel release has been supplemented and given in more detail. The European Standard has been prepared by CEN/TC 170 "Ophthalmic optics". On the national level, the responsible working committee at DIN is NA 027-01-08 AA "Augenoptik" ("Ophthalmic optics"), Working Group "Brillenfassungen" ("Spectacle frames") at NAFuO.

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