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DIN ISO 10816-3:2009

Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts - Part 3: Industrial machines with nominal power above 15 kW and nominal speeds between 120 r/min and 15000 r/min when measured in situ (ISO 10816-3:2009) (Foreign Standard)

The document provides specific guidance for assessing the severity of radial vibration measured on the bearing housings of industrial machines in situ. The criteria provided in this document apply to machine sets having a power above 15 kW and operating speeds between 120 r/min and 15000 r/min. The machine sets covered by this part of ISO 10816 include: - steam turbines with power up to 50 MW - steam turbine sets with power greater than 50 MW and speeds below 1500 r/min or above 3600 r/min - rotary compressors - industrial gas turbines with power up to 3 MW - generators - electrical motors of any type - blowers or fans (However, the vibration criteria presented in this part of ISO 10816 are generally only applicable to fans with power ratings greater than 300 kW or fans which are not flexibly supported. As and when circumstances permit, recommendations for other types of fans, including those with lightweight sheet metal construction, will be prepared. Until such time, classifications can be agreed between the manufacturer and the customer, using results of previous operational experience, see also ISO 14694.) Two criteria are provided for assessing the machine vibration when operating under steady state conditions. One criterion considers the magnitude of the observed vibration; the second considers changes in the magnitude. In addition, different criteria are provided for transient operating conditions, such as run-up and coast-down. The evaluation procedures presented in this part of ISO 10816 are based on broad-band measurements.

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