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DIN SPEC 3105-1:2020

Open Source Hardware - Teil 1: Requirements for technical documentation; Text in English

This DIN SPEC in accordance with the PAS procedure has been drawn up by a DIN SPEC (PAS)-consortium set up on a temporary basis. This DIN SPEC has been developed and approved by the authors named in the foreword. This DIN SPEC describes an unambiguous and operational definition of the concept of Open Source Hardware and breaks it down into objective criteria for judging the compliance of a Piece of Hardware with this definition. This standard sets requirements for technical Documentation. It is designed to be complementary to existing standards for technical Documentation (e. g. VDI 4500) and is not aimed at superseding them. It focuses on the aspects of the technical Documentation that are related to its compliance with the principles of open source. The principles and definitions provided by the DIN SPEC 3105-1 set a frame for the DIN SPEC 3105-2 which in turn sets concrete and practical requirements for the establishment of certification procedures. This document builds upon the OSHWA Definition 1.0 and the Open Source Definition. This DIN SPEC is part of a DIN pilot project for the cooperation with Open Source communities. Therefore this DIN SPEC is published under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license (see The pilot project elaborates the cooperation with Open Source communities and the maintenance of the DIN SPEC under Open Source rules (see

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