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ANSI E1.17:2006

ANSI E1.17 2006 - Entertainment Technology - Architecture for Control Networks

ANSI E1.17-2006, Entertainment Technology - Architecture for Control Networks (ACN), is a suite of documents that specifies an architecture, including protocols and language, which may be configured and combined with other standard protocols to form flexible, networked audio, lighting, or other control systems. It can be implemented on networks that support UDP, IP, and related protocols. It is not bound to Ethernet as a transport medium, but Ethernet is an obvious choice.

The suite of documents that make up ANSI E1.17 - 2006 was approved as an American National Standard by the ANSI Board of Standards Review on 2006 October 19.

The ANSI E1.17 - 2006 standard consists of the following suite of documents:
ACN Architecture
Session Data Transport Protocol
Device Management Protocol
Device Description Language
EPI 10. Autogeneration of Multicast Address on IPv4 networks
EPI 11. Retrieval of Device Descriptions from DMP Devices on IPv4 networks
EPI 12. ACN on Homogeneous Ethernet Networks
EPI 13. Allocation of Internet Protocol Version 4 Addresses to ACN Hosts
EPI 15. ACN Allocation of Multicast Addresses on IPv4 Networks
EPI 16. ESTA Registered Names and Identifiers - Format and Procedure for Registration
EPI 17. ACN Root Layer Protocol Operation on UDP
EPI 18. Operation of SDT on UDP networks
EPI 19. ACN Discovery on IP networks
EPI 20. Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Size for ACN on IPv4 Networks
EPI 22. DDL Base Modules for DMP Devices
Text of DMP Standard Behaviors and Behavior Names, 98757e30-a14e-11d9-8fcc-000d613667e2 and a713a314-a14d-11d9-9f34-000d613667e2
The DMP Standard Behaviors and Behavior Names as DDL files:
98757e30-a14e-11d9-8fcc-000d613667e2.ddl and a713a314-a14d-11d9-9f34-000d613667e2.ddl

Content Provider
Entertainment Services and Technology Association [ESTA]

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