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IEC 60584-1 Ed. 3.0 b:2013

Thermocouples Part 1 EMF specifications and tolerances

IEC 60584 1 2013 specifies reference functions and tolerances for letter designated thermocouples Types R S B J T E K N C and A Temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius based on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 ITS 90 symbol t90 and the EMF symbol E is in microvolts The reference functions are polynomials which express the EMF E in V as a function of temperature t90 in C with the thermocouple reference junctions at 0 C Values of EMF at intervals of 1 C are tabulated in Annex A This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 1995 and constitutes a technical revision It includes the following changes br IEC 60584 1 1995 and IEC 60584 2 1982 have been merged br the standard is now explicitly based on the reference polynomials which express thermocouple EMF as functions of temperature The tables derived from the polynomials are given in Annex A br inverse polynomials expressing temperature as functions of EMF are given in Annex B but inverse tables are not given br the range of the polynomial relating the EMF of Type K thermocouples is restricted to 1 300 C br values of the Seebeck coefficients are given at intervals of 10 C br thermoelectric data EMF and Seebeck coefficients are given at the fixed points of the ITS 90 br some guidance is given in Annex C regarding the upper temperature limits and environmental conditions of use for each thermocouple type

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