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ANSI INCITS 172-2002 (R2007)

Information Technology - American National Standard Dictionary of Information Technology (ANSDIT) (revision and redesignation of ANSI X3.172-1996)

[NOTE - ANSI INCITS 172-2002 is published in HTML format. The file you will download is a .ZIP file containing all the necessary files. To view the standard, please unzip all of the files and place them into the same folder, then open the HTML file 'ANSDIT.HTM.'. This file provides links to the other sections of the standard.] ANSI INCITS 172-2002 contains concepts used in information technology. In general, concepts or terms found in an everyday non-technical dictionary are not included. Also, concepts and terms that are: a) from specialized areas of information technology, b) still in development, and c) of a parochial nature, are not necessarily incorporated in this standard. Inevitably, the rapid growth of the field of information technology precludes the standard from being exhaustive and final.

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InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards [INCITS]


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