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ISA TR101.02-2019

HMI Usability and Performance

This ISA technical report (TR) addresses the specification, design, implementation details, and management (recommended practices) of an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) focused on usability and performance. It explains how the ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015 standard (called hereafter ISA-101) applies to determining the best solution in order to achieve the process goals using examples that have been shown to be effective. The ISA-101 standard covers the HMI lifecycle, including all general concepts until its decommissioning, applying a practical and management approach. The purpose of having an automated process is to enhance process operations based on safety, performance, process improvements, availability, repeatability, and other relevant factors. HMIs are the main interface for users to interact with the process itself and they have the opportunity to facilitate operation or confuse users. This TR was written to provide guidance for the use of the ISA-101 standard as it applies to usability and performance, with due consideration to other guidance documents that have been developed throughout industry. Refer to clause 2 for references to these documents. HMI enhancements for improved usability and performance are often associated with additional specifications, custom design, implementation, and management considerations, in addition to vendor-provided functionality and features. This technical report is intended to include examples of these considerations within the HMI lifecycle, including the continuous work processes of audit, validation, and management of change (MOC).

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