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ISO 7176-14:1997

Wheelchairs -- Part 14: Power and control systems for electric wheelchairs -- Requirements and test methods

This part of ISO 7176 specifies the requirements for the power and control systems of electrically powered wheelchairs, including battery chargers, and associated test methods. It sets minimum requirements for the protection of the wheelchair user during normal use and some conditions of abuse and failure. It also specifies methods of measurement of the forces necessary to operate the controls and sets limits on the forces needed for some operations.

This part of ISO 7176 is applicable to electrically powered vehicles intended to provide indoor and outdoor mobility for disabled persons whose mass at speeds up to 15 km/h does not exceed 100 kg.

It is not applicable to electrically powered vehicles which incorporate devices that need to be connected to a domestic or industrial power supply greater than 100 volts (e.g. those with built-in battery chargers).

It does not include requirements on electromagnetic susceptibility or emissions.

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International Organization for Standardization [ISO]

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