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ANSI/(NFPA)T3.16.2 R1-1997(R2005)

Hydraulic fluid power - Design for nonintegral industrial reservoirs

To include nonintegral reservoirs applicable to fluid power hydraulic systems as defined in ANSI/B93.2 except reservoirs, sealed, pressurized, and where size does not permit. Intensifiers and air-oil storage tanks are sometimes considered reservoirs, they are not included within the scope of this document. Although filters are frequently located in reservoirs, filters are separate components and are not included within the scope of this standard. Refer to separate documents, such as ANSI/(NFPA/JIC)T2.24.1, for filtration requirements. The purpose of this document is to establish basic requirements for the design, construction and selection; to provide the proper function and maintenance features; and to allow manufacturer's freedom of design within these basic requirements. This document in no way prevents applying integral hydraulic reservoirs, nor fabricating and applying nonintegral reservoirs of less comprehensive features and construction. However, it does provide the machine tool or related equipment purchaser with the option to specify a proven design, quality components, good workmanship practices, and maintenance cost reduction technique.

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National Fluid Power Association [NFPA-Fluid]

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