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SAE AS 9104/1-2012 (SAE AS9104/1-2012)

Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Quality Management System Certification Programs

The purpose of this standard is to define the requirements and industry-accepted practices for managing the ICOP scheme, which provides confidence to aviation, space, and defense customers and organizations that their suppliers with certification of their quality management systems, issued by accredited CBs, meet the applicable AQMS standard requirements. The requirements established in this standard are applicable to the IAQG and its three sectors for managing AQMS certification and associated activities. The requirements are applicable to IAQG working groups (.g., SMS, Other Party Management Team (OPMT)), IAQG member companies, ABs, CBs, Certification Body Management Committees (CBMCs), AABs, TPABs, Training Providers (TPs), and organizations seeking/obtaining AQMS standard certification.

The AQMS standard adopted by the organization shall be 9100, 9110, and/or 9120, as appropriate to the organization's activities; these standards are referred to throughout this writing as "AQMS standards". IAQG member companies have committed to recognize the certification of a supplier's quality management system to all equivalent AQMS standards (e.g., AS, EN, JISQ, NBR). IAQG sectors may expand the application of the requirements defined in this standard for other standards approved by the IAQG and its three sectors (i.e., Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG), European Aerospace Quality Group (EAQG), Asia/Pacific Aerospace Quality Group (APAQG)).

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