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ANSI Z80.18-2003

Contact Lens Care Products: Vocabulary, Performance, Specifications and Test Methodology

Applies to contact lens care products (CLCP) which are marketed for use with hard (PMMA), rigid gas permeable (RGP), and soft hydrophilic contact lenses. These products are intended for use in the care of contact lenses: e.g., rinsing, storing, disinfection, conditioning, neutralization, cleaning, hydration, and/or for alleviating discomfort of lens wear and improving lens tolerance by physical means.This standard provides test methodology to be used in developing performance specifications of CLCP by function and where appropriate provides acceptable performance specifications for specific products. It also addresses general requirements for CLCP based upon physical state of the marketed product (solutions, granules, and tablets), the packaging configuration (including conventional plastic container, aerosol container, form-fill-seal, or blister pack), and mode of use (unit dose or multi-dose).

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