International Code Council Standards

International Code Council Standards are a series of standards for buildings, unifying certain aspects of their design and construction to promote compatibility and reliability. They are revised and re-released every 3 years to stay up to date. We have organized them here by code and by year. Additionally, state specific ICC standards are included, as well as packages to make purchasing sets of standards easier. These standards serve to streamline the design, construction, renovation, and use of an assortment of buildings.

ICC Standards Sorted by Year

ICC standards are here organized by year, with all the codes from a specific year grouped together to make it easier to purchase all of a single year's codes when dealing with new developments or to find the relevant codes when looking at an older building.

ICC Standards Sorted by Code

ICC standards are here organized by code, with versions from different years grouped together to facilitate finding a specific historical standards or seeing how they changed over time.

State-Specific Building Codes

The International Code Council has also published state specific codes for New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Seattle. These state specific codes come with packages for ease of purchasing.

ICC Building Code Standards Packages

International Code Council Standards are grouped together into discounted packages to make purchasing both easier and cheaper. Each package has the codes from a single year, and the 2003 and 2006 versions also contain the commentaries.