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ASME A17.1/CSA B44 HB-2019

Handbook on Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators

ASME A17.1/CSA B44-2016 - one of ASME's most popular safety standards -- addresses elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks and material lifts. It provides requirements applying to the design, construction, installation, operation, testing, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of these conveyances.


This living landmark has been defining safety in elevators, escalators and related equipment since 1921. A17.1 has been harmonized with CSA B44 to provide one comprehensive solution for jurisdictions throughout North America. A17.1 is written by a committee comprised of technically qualified persons who demonstrate a concern and competence in the subject within the A17 Committee's scope and a willingness to participate in the work of the committee. The Code is written in a form that is suitable for enforcement by state, municipal, and other jurisdictional authorities; and as such, the text is concise, without examples or explanations.


For these reasons, ASME determined that a handbook would be useful to augment the Code by providing a commentary on the Code requirements. This companion Handbook contains the rationale for A17.1 requirements; explanations, examples and illustrations of their implementation; plus excerpts from other nationally recognized standards, which are referenced by the Code. It seeks to provide users with a better understanding for A17.1 requirements, with increased safety for all parties intended as the net result. Commentary in this Handbook was compiled from ASME A17 Committee minutes, correspondence, and interpretations, as well as conversations with past and present ASME A17 and CSA B44 committee members.


Both publications are to be used in conjunction with other volumes of ASME's A17 series of safety standards. Careful application of these A17 safety standards will help users to comply with applicable regulations within their jurisdictions, while achieving the operational and safety benefits to be gained from the many industry best-practices detailed within these volumes.


Intended for anyone engaged in the safety of elevators, escalators and related conveyances, including those responsible for: design, engineering and manufacture; installation, operation, testing, maintenance, alteration and repair; inspection; plans, contracts, administration, insurance and liability; property, facilities and plant management; and emergency response.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers [asme]

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