AWWA C606-11

Grooved And Shouldered Joints

This standard describes the requirements for the materials and application of an epoxy lining to the inside surface of previously installed water pipelines 3 in. (75 mm) in diameter and larger. The water pipelines to be rehabilitated may be constructed of any of the following materials: steel, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement, and concrete. Related work required for performing a complete contract is also generally described. The application is appropriate for the following pipe: Straight pipe sections can be lined with a machine that progresses uniformly through the pipe and applies an epoxy to the pipe surfaces centrifugally to obtain a smooth lining of uniform thickness with smooth transitions over joints. Long-radius bends may be lined similarly, however most bends are the short-radius type. The lining of short-radius bends and fittings that cannot be readily negotiated shall be hand coated. This may require additional access points. Pipe must be structurally suitable. Epoxy lining is not designed to replace the host pipe. Structurally weakened pipes whether by pitting, graphitization, or other weakness may not be candidates for epoxy lining. Structural soundness of the pipe may need to be analyzed for its intended use.

AWWA: American Water Works Association [awwa]

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