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DIN 33430:2016

Job related proficiency assessment

This service standard specifies requirements and guidelines for procedures and their application in job related proficiency assessments. It refers to: - the planning of job related proficiency assessments; - the selection, compilation, execution and evaluation of procedures; - the interpretation of the procedure results and the judgment; - the requirements for the qualifications of the personnel involved in the proficiency assessment. Medical diagnosis is not covered by this standard. Threat assessment according to § 5 German Occupational Safety and Health Act are not covered by this standard.*This service standard contains specifications and principles for procedures and their use in job-related proficiency assessment processes. It relates to: a) the planning of job-related proficiency assessment processes; b) the selection, compilation, implementation and evaluation of procedures; c) the interpretation of the results of procedures and the formation of judgments; d) the requirements for the qualifications of the persons involved in proficiency assessment processes. The specifications and principles also provide guidance for the appropriate and professional development of procedures to be used in proficiency assessment processes. The appropriateness of a procedure for a specific proficiency assessment can only be assessed in the context of its specific application. Therefore, this document is not a product standard for the isolated assessment of the quality of a procedure. Medical diagnostics are not the subject of this standard. Hazard analyses in accordance with Section 5 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act are not the subject of this standard. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 159-02-09 AA "Berufsbezogene Eignungsdiagnostik" ("Job related proficiency assessment") at DIN.

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