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DIN 77100:2011

Patent valuation - General principles for monetary patent valuation

This Standard applies to monetary valuation of patents and similar industrial technical property rights like utility models. This Standard specifies valuation principles, value drivers and their joint impact on the monetary value of one patent or a portfolio of patents in the context of proper patent valuation.*DIN 77100 "Patent valuation - General principles for monetary valuation" deals with quantitative valuation of patents for assessment of an assignable monetary value. For the purposes of this standard, similar technical industrial property rights such as utility patents are also referred to as patents. The aim of this document is to specify and lay down the principles and valuation methods and techniques to be observed for duly monetary evaluation, as well as influencing factors and their interaction. This document prioritises the various valuationmethods depending on the availability of required relevant information. Assessments carried out according to this document are comprehensible and verifiable for experts and understandable for the persons they are addressed to. Therefore, this document supports reliability of monetary valuations and thus promotion and control of the economic benefit of patents. This standard is designed as a generic standard and is equally important for patent valuations carried out within the company as well as a service. For this purpose, the relevant terms and definitions and general principles for monetary valuation, such as valuation object and reason, the underlying utilization scenario, valuation date and expert evaluator are defined in this document. Furthermore, this document specifies relevant influencing factors and payment flows for patent valuation and appropriate risk consideration. The available methods for monetary valuation are shown and prioritised with regard to their suitability forappropriate monetary valuation of patents. This standard does not contain specific instructions and guidance regarding the execution of a monetary patent evaluation. It is designed to serve as a supplement to existing legal provisions and regulations as they are contained in accounting and in the Arbeitnehmererfinderrecht (German Employee Invention Act), amongst others. The responsible Working Committee is NA 159-01-07 AA "Patentbewertung" ("Patent valuation") at the Services Standards Committee (NADL).

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