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ANSI INCITS 125-1985 (R2006)

Two-Sided Double Density Unformatted 5.25 Inch (130 mm) 48 Tracks per Inch (1.9 Tracks per mm) Flexible Disk Cartridge, General, Physical, and Magnetic Requirements (for 7958 BPR use) (formerly ANSI X3.125-1985 (R2001))

Specifies the general, physical, and magnetic requirements for the interchangeability of the two-sided, 5.25 inch (130 mm) (nominal), 48-tracks-per-inch (tpi) 1,9-tracks-per-millimeter (tpmm) flexible disk cartridge (for 7958 bits-per-radian (bpr) use) as required to achieve unformatted disk cartridge interchange among disk drives using 40 tracks per side and associated information processing systems. The two-sided flexible disk cartridge enclosed in a protective envelope and having two recording surfaces is of the type intended specifically for use with digital recording and reproducing equipment employing access mechanisms capable of positioning to these data tracks.

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InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards [incits]


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