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ANSI/AGMA/AWEA 6006-A03 (R2016)

Design and Specification of Gearboxes for Wind Turbines

The operation and loading of a wind turbine speed increasing gearbox is unlike most other gear applications. The intent of this standard is to describe the differences. Much of the information is based on field experience. This standard is a tool whereby wind turbine and gearbox manufacturers can communicate and understand each other’s needs in developing a gearbox specification for wind turbine applications. The annexes present informative discussion of various issues specific to wind turbine applications and gear design.  A combined committee of AWEA and AGMA members representing wind turbine manufacturers, operators, researchers, consultants, and gear, bearing and lubricant manufacturers were responsible for the drafting and development of this standard.  The committee first met in 1993 to develop AGMA/AWEA 921–A97, Recommended Practices for Design and Specification of Gearboxes for Wind Turbine Generator Systems. The AGMA Information Sheet was approved by the AGMA/AWEA Wind Turbine Gear Committee on October 25, 1996 and by the AGMA Technical Division Executive Committee on October 28, 1996. This standard supersedes AGMA/AWEA 921–A97.  The first draft of ANSI/AGMA/AWEA 6006--A03 was made in March, 2000. It was approved by the AGMA membership in October, 2003. It was approved as an American National Standard on January 9, 2004.

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