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ANSI O5.2-2020

Structural Glued Laminated Timber for Utility Structures

This standard covers requirements for manufacturing and quality control of structural glued laminated timber of Southern Pine (longleaf, slash, shortleaf, loblolly), Coast Douglas-fir, Hem-Fir and other species of similar treatability for electric power and communication structures. The requirements are based on those in American National Standard for Structural Glued Laminated Timber, ANSI A190.1. This standard is supplemental to ANSI A190.1 and provides descriptions of the special manufacturing and design requirements for glued laminated utility structures. The term, structural glued laminated timber, as used in this standard, refers to an engineered,stress-rated product of a timber laminating plant comprising assemblies of specially selected and prepared wood laminations securely bonded together with adhesives. The grain of all laminations is approximately parallel longitudinally. They may comprise pieces end joined to form any length, or pieces placed or glued edge-to-edge to make wider ones or of pieces bent to curved form during gluing. Timbers manufactured in accordance with this standard can be stressed in axial tension or axial compression, loaded in bending parallel to or perpendicular to the wide face of the laminations, or any combination of the above. Members that are normally loaded in bending about one axis of a laminated timber may, under other loading conditions, be stressed about the other axis, or about both axes and shall be designed accordingly. See Standard Specifications for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Softwood Species, ANSI 117, for descriptions of various arrangements of laminations within a laminated member. Other combinations of grades of lumber are available that may be more desirable and economical, depending upon the design and loading requirements of the timber and availability of various grades. All timbers produced in accordance with the requirements of this standard are intended for use in exterior construction and, therefore, will be exposed to both wet and dry conditions of use.

American National Standards Institute [ansi]

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