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X9 Encryption Collection

ANSI X9.24-1, ANSI X9.24-2, ANSI X9.92-1 ANSI ASC X9.80

The X9 Encryption Collection includes guidelines for secure management, numerous techniques for generating primes needed by public key cryptographic algorithms, and guidelines for the encryption of PINs used for retail financial services. It also provides methods for digital signature generation and verification and covers the manual and automated management of keying material used for financial services.

X9 Encryption Collection includes:

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

Interoperable Secure Key Exchange Key Block Specification for Symmetric Algorithms
Banking - Personal Identification Number Management and Security - Part 1: PIN protection principles ...
Interoperable Method for Distribution of Symmetric Keys Using Asymmetric Techniques: Part 1 - Using Factoring-Based ...