ASTM E2450-16

Standard Practice for Application of CaF2(Mn) Thermoluminescence Dosimeters in Mixed Neutron-Photon Environments

1.1 This practice describes a procedure for correcting a CaF2(Mn) thermoluminescence dosimeter (TLD) reading for its response to neutrons during the irradiation. The neutron response may be subtracted from the total TLD response to give the gamma-ray response. In fields with a large neutron contribution to the total response, this procedure may result in large uncertainties.

1.2 More precise experimental techniques may be applied if the uncertainty derived from this practice is larger than the level that the user can accept. These more precise techniques are not discussed here. The references in Section 8 describe some of these techniques.

1.3 This practice does not discuss effects on the TLD reading from neutron interactions with the material surrounding the TLD and used to ensure a charged particle equilibrium. These effects will depend on the isotopic composition of the surrounding material and its thickness, and on the incident neutron spectrum (1).2

1.4 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard.

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