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ASTM E699-16

Standard Specification for Agencies Involved in Testing, Quality Assurance, and Evaluating of Manufactured Building Components

1.1 This specification defines the minimum requirements for agencies engaged in inspections and testing performance in accordance with ASTM standards for factory built building components and assemblies.

1.2 The criteria in this specification are provided for assessing the competence of an agency to properly perform designation testing, quality assurance, and inspection.

1.3 This specification does not cover Special Inspections or construction materials testing or inspection, or both. See Specification E329 for these items.

1.4 The criteria presented herein are divided into three categories of endeavor, namely,

Part A—Standards and Criteria for Testing Agencies

Part B—Standards and Criteria for Quality Assurance Agencies

Part C—Standards and Criteria for Evaluating Agencies

1.5 The fundamental purpose of this specification is to provide criteria for evaluating an agency as denoted in 1.4 either by a user of that service or by an accrediting authority.

1.6 It is not the purpose of this specification to provide a basis for determining the quality of a product or service being evaluated.

1.7 This specification is not intended for the evaluation of those activities normally associated with the production and sale of products and the like, such as a manufacturer's internal quality program. However, any organization may request or perform an evaluation of its own in-house facilities under this specification if it so desires.

1.8 It is not the intent of this specification to be the basis for the determination of the type of agency to be selected by the user.

1.9 This specification is used in conjunction with Specification E541 and Practice E651/E651M.

1.10 The use of SI or inch – pound units, or combination of, will be the responsibility of the technical committees referred to in this standard.

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