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NGIIF Reference Document Part III- Attachment E- SS7 Network Gateway Screening

This document details SS7 essential messages, tests and concerns related to the provision of Gateway Screening capabilities between two interconnecting networks. SS7 messages are only allowed to pass between network elements that have been identified by both networks as a supporting element of a jointly provided service or application. Network Gateway Screening tables are configured based on the requirements and security concerns of the screening network. At the time of network interconnection, both networks share screening information to ensure no network incompatibility has been introduced by the interaction of the screening functions. After interconnection is established, screening changes that affect the terms and conditions of the interconnection agreement require prior notification to the affected interconnected network provider. Where applicable, this document may address NGN aspects.

Alliance For Telecommunications Industry Solutions [atis]

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  • ATIS-0300016 (june 2009)
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