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IEC 60335-2-40 Ed. 5.0 en:2013

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-40: Particular requirements for electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners and dehumidifiers

IEC 60335-2-40: 2013 deals with the safety of electric heat pumps, including sanitary hot water heat pumps, air-conditioners, and dehumidifiers incorporating motor-compressors and hydronic room fan coils, their maximum rated voltages being not more than 250 V for single phase appliances and 600 V for all other appliances. Appliances not intended for normal household use but which nevertheless may be a source of danger to the public, such as appliances intended to be used by laymen in shops, in light industry and on farms, are within the scope of this standard. This standard also applies to electric heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers containing flammable refrigerant. Flammable refrigerants are defined in 3.121. The appliances referenced above may consist of one or more factory made assemblies. If provided in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies are to be used together, and the requirements are based on the use of matched assemblies. This standard does not take into account chemicals other than group A1, A2, or A3 as defined by ANSI/ASHRAE 34 [ISO 817] classification. This standard specifies particular requirements for the use of flammable refrigerants. Unless specifications are covered by this standard, including the annexes, requirements for refrigerating safety are covered by ISO 5149. This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition published in 2002, it's Amendment 1 (2005), it's Amendment 2 (2005) and it's Corrigendum 1 (2006). It constitutes a technical revision.  The principal changes in this edition as compared with the fourth edition are as follows: 3.127 and 3.128 added new definitions; 5.10 length of refrigerant lines now specified for testing; 7.1 changed marking requirements for flammable refrigerants; 8.15 added requirement to clarify the placement of installation panels during testing; 11.2.1 clarification of test procedure; 19 (whole clause) replaced in its entirety; 21.2 added new coverage for vibration considerations during transport; 22.46 added clarification for PEC; 22.118 added coverage for use of mechanical connectors indoors when employing flammable refrigerants; 32 made this section of Part 1 applicable; Annex FF2.4 revised calculation for calculating volume (V); Annex FF2.5 revision of allowable concentration of flammable refrigerant gas; Annex GG8 new coverage added; Annex HH added informative annex.  Key words: heat pumps, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, flammable refrigerant

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