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INCITS/ISO/IEC 14478-1:1998[S2009]

Information Technology - Computer Graphics and Image Processing - Presentation Environment for Multimedia Objects (PREMO) - Part 1: Fundamentals of PREMO (formerly ANSI/ISO/IEC 14478-1:1998 [1999])

Note: This draft standard is being processed simultaneously as an American National Standard and an International Standard. Specifies techniques for supporting interactive single and multiple media applications that recognize and emphasize the interrelationships among user interfaces, multimedia applications, and multimedia information interchange. Defines a flexible environment to encompass modular functionality and is extensible through the creation of future components, both within and outside of standards committees. It supports a wide range of multimedia applications in a consistent way, from simple drawings up to full motion video, sound and virtual reality environments. This standard was first listed for Public Review as a CD in the December 20, 1996 issue of Standards Action. It is now being listed as a DIS.

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InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards [incits]

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