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ISO/IEC 13818-6:1998

Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information - Part 6: Extensions for DSM-CC

The concepts and protocols of this part of ISO/IEC 13818 (DSM-CC) provide the general capability to browse, select, download, and control a variety of bit stream types. DSM-CC also provides a mechanism to manage network and application resources through the concept of a Session, an associated collection of resources required to deliver a Service. The Session complements a “Service Domain”, a collection of interfaces to browse and select services, and control the delivery of bit streams.

DSM-CC defines the syntax and semantics for a set of User-to-Network and User-to-User protocols:

  • DSM-CC Message Header
  • U-N Configuration messages
  • U-N Session messages and flow diagrams for Session and Resource management
  • U-N Download messages
  • U-N Switched Digital Broadcast Channel Change Protocol
  • U-N Pass Thru messages
  • The transport of DSM-CC U-N messages using ISO/IEC 138 18- 1.
  • The transport of generic IP messages using DSM-CC sections and ISO/IEC 138 18- 1, clause 9
  • U-U Remote Procedure Call
  • U-U Session interface
  • U-U Download interface
  • U-U Object Carousel interface
  • U-U Local Object interface
  • U-U Stream Descriptors

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International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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