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ISO/IEC 14496-3:2019

Information technology - Coding of audio-visual objects - Part 3: Audio

This document integrates many different types of audio coding: natural sound with synthetic sound, low bitrate delivery with high-quality delivery, speech with music, complex soundtracks with simple ones, and traditional content with interactive and virtual-reality content. This document standardizes individually sophisticated coding tools to provide a novel, flexible framework for audio synchronization, mixing, and downloaded post-production.

This document does not target a single application such as real-time telephony or high-quality audio compression. Rather, it applies to every application requiring the use of advanced sound compression, synthesis, manipulation, or playback. This document specifies the state-of-the-art coding tools in several domains. As the tools it defines are integrated with the rest of the ISO/IEC 14496 series, exciting new possibilities for object-based audio coding, interactive presentation, dynamic soundtracks, and other sorts of new media, are enabled.

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Document History
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 1:2009
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 2:2010
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 3:2012
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 4:2013
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 5:2015
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 6:2017
  • ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 7:2018
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