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NACE Standard RP0775-2005

Preparation, Installation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Corrosion Coupons in Oilfield Operations

This standard is presented for the use of corrosion coupons in oilfield drilling, production, and transportation operations. Oilfield operations include oil-, water-, and gashandling systems, and drilling fluids. (When used in this standard, system denotes a functional unit such as a producing well; flowline and tank battery; water, oil, or gas collection facility; water or gas injection facility; or a gas dehydration or sweetening unit.) Corrosion coupon testing consists of the exposure of a small specimen of metal (the coupon) to an environment of interest for a period of time to determine the reaction of the metal to the environment. Corrosion coupons are used to evaluate corrosiveness of various systems, to monitor the effectiveness of corrosion mitigation programs, and to evaluate the suitability of different metals for specific systems and environments.

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