AS 5300-2015

Australian Fish Names Standard (FOREIGN STANDARD)

The Australian Fish Names Standard defines the standard fish names to be used for all seafood traded in Australia.  It includes domestic and imported seafood and is relevant to the commercial and recreational sectors of the fishing industry.  Use of standard fish names in Australia, as defined in this Standard, achieves outcomes that are consistent with the aims of industry and governments, including: 1. Improved monitoring and stock assessment enhances the sustainability of fisheries resources; 2. Increased efficiency in seafood marketing improves consumer confidence and industry profitability; 3. Improved accuracy in trade descriptions enables consumers to make better informed choices when purchasing seafood and reduces the potential for misleading and deceptive conduct; 4. More efficient management of seafood related public health incidents and food safety through improved labelling and species identification reduces public health risk; 5. To enhance the marketability and consumer acceptability of the standard fish names used for a species. The Australian Standard Fish Names Standard includes agreed names for over 600 commercially important domestic and imported seafood species, and over 4,500 other domestic finfish. The development and maintenance of this Standard is underpinned by rigorous procedures that have been agreed to by government, industry and other stakeholders over the last two decades and which are administered by the FRDC and its Fish Names Committee. The FNC membership reflects the important role of key stakeholders in the fish names process and ensures that the committee collectively possesses skills and knowledge relating to: a) seafood production/harvesting b) seafood marketing and trade c) promotion and public relations d) seafood consumer issues e) fish taxonomy and nomenclature f) Seafood processing g) legislation and processes relevant to the import and export of seafood h) government operations and processes, including regulatory issues relevant to seafood i) industry leadership j) corporate governance including the operations of Boards or committees

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