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ANSI X9.112-2-2020

Wireless Management and Published Security - Part 2: POS and ATM

Wireless technologies have rapidly emerged as significant components of networks. The ease and speed of deployment, as well as inexpensive transmission rates, makes them ideal for deploying new systems. Whereas installations used to be delayed several months because of complicated landline connections, a wireless deployment can happen the same day an ATM or POS terminal is ordered. Greater wireless coverage, greater reliability, higher transfer speeds, and improved equipment quality has only increased the likelihood that ATMs with wireless are a preferred option. Data classification and risk assessments still need to be performed, however, to determine asset value and the risks introduced by transmission over wireless networks. The question is still how data is being secured. Numerous control methods must be used to protect sensitive data on wireless networks such as encrypting communication prior to transmission and decrypting it afterwards.

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